Mediterranean Aloe Vera | Plants, juice and leaves of ecological Aloe Vera Premium.
The three products that we work with Aloe Vera are seedlings, leaves and juice. 100% Ecological Product of the Mediterranean.
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Fresh Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera leaves.

  • Provenience from plants of Aloe Vera MEDALOE® (Aloe Vera cultivated in the Mediterranean climate).
  • Dimensions: 50-60 cm.
  • Weight per leaf: 500-700gr.
  • Ecologically cultivated.
  • Packing units: in consultation with the customer.


Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera plants.

  • Cultivated in the Spanish Levante area, whose Mediterranean climate ensures the growth condition, development and quality of the Aloe Vera MEDALOE®.
  • Dimensions: 30 and 60 cm.
  • Ecologically cultivated.
  • Packing units: in consultation with the customer.


Aloe Vera juice.

  • 100% ecological.
  • Every litre of juice contains 2,5kg Aloe Vera MEDALOE leafs.
  • Available with or without pulp.
  • Daily recommended: 25 ml juice.
  • Available in different sizes.