Mediterranean Aloe Vera | Mediterranean
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Mediterranean Sea

The culture of welfare

A lifestyle

People love the Mediterranean climate and healthy food on their lands that make a perfect Mediterranean diet.

The Valencian orchard, with its Mediterranean climate and its high quality land, is ideal for cultivating organic products with the best properties for health environment.

Our Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is Mediterranean, cultivated in this environment and absolutely guarantor of the excellent qualities of the soil and Mediterranean climate.


Mediterranean climate

This climate offers the optimal conditions for the growth, vitality and the maximum development of Aloe Vera.

Hot and dry summers

Wet and rainy winters

summer + 22 °C / soft winters

Mediterranean Lifestyle

The lifestyle of small great things …

  • Among the many things left on the shores of the Mediterranean Greek culture and then, with Roman rule was reinforced, it is taste or care for nature and everything around the sea that bathes. And that care habitat results in the extraction of high quality products.
  • The Arabian culture left us the tradition by farming and improved irrigation system, making the Mediterranean coast became an oasis of fruits and vegetables.
  • Mingle with nature, the search for balance and take life always seeing the glass half full are the highlights of the Mediterranean way of being.
  • Our Aloe Vera helps to understand life in this way.

Mediterranean Diet

Aloe Vera is a preferred product in the Mediterranean diet.

  • It is rich in virgin olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and vegetables, moderate consumption of red wine and reduced in red meat, sugary drinks and sweets. Its secret is the combination of each.
  •  Among the many beneficial health properties Aloe Vera has, it also helps to extend life because of the types of healthy fats.
  •  Aloe Vera is the perfect complement to this diet. Its properties help reduce the number of diseases, getting a sense of being continuous.