Mediterranean Aloe Vera | History
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Leading company in the Aloe Vera farming in Valencia

We always knew that we wanted to grow plants on the fields of our family, but we needed to find a motivating project with good business prospectives.

We wanted to be the initiators of the return of Aloe Vera into the Mediterranean coast, a place where in ancient history Aloe Vera was an essential element in medical care.

The field where the Aloe Vera grows were already of our grandparents.
We decided to take advantage of its fertility and quality for the harvest of that plant, which has the best nutritive, healing and regenerative properties: the Aloe Vera.



Algabasa is born


Realón Project

First Aloe Vera plantation in Valencia


Start of the ecological certificate SAEVC


Algabasa becomes a member of Asocialoe


The plantation becomes ecological


Transformation into Mediterranean Aloe


First transformation in Aloe Vera gel


La Caseta project

Second Aloe Vera plantation in Valencia

We decided to change from citrus to Aloe Vera

We are a family business located in Picassent (Valencia), that offer 100% ecological, high quality Aloe Vera certified by the Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana (CAECV).

Our team includes six professionals with a lot of experience in the FMCG food sector in Spain and the United Kingdom.

We are skilled in different areas of business, such as production, engineering processes and industrialisation, product development, logistics, laboratory, the I+D+i and the finance field.

– The Albert family


“All is well. Aloe is on board”

Christopher Columbus, diary


Offer 100% ecological Aloe Vera

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Offer our customers organic Aloe Vera of the best quality, thanks to the high qualifications of our team and the constant orientation to the needs of our customers.


being a reference for Aloe Vera in the Valencian community

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Satisfy the current and future needs of our customers, promoting a change in the Valencian agriculture landscape and being a reference of the production of organic Aloe Vera in the Valencian Community.


Satisfy the customer, innovate, grow, and respect the environment

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Obtaining the TOTAL satisfaction of our customers.

Innovate and grow, thanks to our ability to adapt to the times, tastes and needs of each client, to achieve a product of maximum quality and competitiveness.

Constantly fulfill our promise of quality and excellence of our plants and products.

Ensure constant respect for the environment through ecological cultivation.