Mediterranean Aloe Vera | Fields
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Our fields

“The secret of a premium ecological Aloe Vera is to pamper every detail in our cultivating process.”

Quality of our fields

Quality of our fields

sandstone earth .

Good watering.

Very low degree of acidity.

100% ecological

100% ecological

Sustainable agriculture.

Natural resources.s.

Limiting the use of synthetics.


Cultivating process

Our farm located in Picassent, just 20 km from Valencia, was previously used for growing citrus. Their land has been fallow for several years prior to the planting of Aloe Vera.


Our culture process meets the following requirements:

Respect for life and the natural fertility of the soil.

Prevention of damage based on natural methods.

Use of a limited number of those products plant protection approved by the Commission.

Organic production of seed and vegetative reproductive material.

Only use of cleaning products if they have been authorized by the commission.

Planting is always done with respect and a distance of one meter between a plant and another, to prevent the roots from tangling and subtract natural resources or merge with each other.

Reproduction is by done by tillers, autumn is the best time of year to carry out this process. It should never be done in winter.

We have a watering hole, which allows us to autonomous irrigate the fields based on the needs of our plants.

Our fields are in the final stage ofconversion period” according to the parameters of the rules of organic production.